Mark Yeung
Mark’s career began at McKinsey, giving him a diverse foundation in a variety of industries and geographies, from high tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, to Romanian manufacturing. Mark has spearheaded integration and efficiency initiatives for some of the world’s leading companies, including Tesco, across manufacturing, retail, banking and more. Mark’s MBA from Harvard and enviable commercial experience has led him to Duraweld. Mark’s influence on company culture and value helps drive the business forward ethically as well as commercially.
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Lisa Fullerton
Lisa began her career in Osnabruck, West Germany on an YTS programme with the 4th Royal Tank Regiment. After completing the programme after 2 years moved back to the UK. Lisa moved to Scotland and began working in the automotive industry for Arnold Clark Ltd. She was responsible for the running of the parts department office in four branches. After several years working in the auto trade Lisa moved onto work at Eddie Stobbart Ltd. Clients were mainly within the drinks industry, Coca Cola, Tennents Brewery, also working closely with United Closures and Plastics. After 12 years in Glasgow Lisa headed south to Scarborough where she initially began work on the shop floor of Duraweld. She moved swiftly into the offices becoming the sales office supervisor and now the sales office manager.
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Lisa Adams
Lisa (The Young) started her career at a leather goods factory working in production manufacturing high quality stationary products. She moved to Malton to work for a local food manufacturer again working in production. In 1997 Lisa was invited to join Duraweld initially working in production on the shop floor and after a couple of promotions Lisa is now a Production and Planning manger
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